Zhedong Zheng (郑哲东)

Hi! I am currently a tenure-track assistant professor with the University of Macau. Prior to this, I was a postdoctoral research fellow at School of Computing, National University of Singapore with Prof. Tat-Seng Chua and Prof. Angela Yao. I received Ph.D. from the ReLER Lab, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) , under the supervision of Prof. Yi Yang and Dr. Liang Zheng (co-supervisor). Before that, I completed my Bachelor’s degree from Fudan University in 2016, under the supervision of Prof. Xiangyang Xue. Throughout my academic journey, I have been fortunate to collaborate with several talented researchers, Xiaodong Yang (Nvida), Zhiding Yu (Nvidia), Jan Kautz (Nvidia), Minyue Jiang (Baidu) and Xiao Tan (Baidu).

Open-source projects can be found at my [Github], and publications can be found at SCI, SCOPUS, or Google Scholar.

More details can be found in my [CV].

Research Statement

My work focuses on multi-view object matching and novel view synthesis and analysis, under a multi-camera scenario, e.g., swarm robotics, self-driving car, and smart city.

The child understands a 3D object, not from a still image, but from multiple modalities (images / videos / audio) capturing the target of interest from different viewpoints.


  • One paper to appear at ICLR 2024 on Compositional Image Retrieval [link] [code] .
  • We are holding one workshop at ACM ICMR 2024 on Multimedia Object Re-identification [Call for papers] (EI-indexed).
  • Two papers to appear at ACM Multimedia 2023 on Text-image re-ID [link] and Domain Adaptation [link]
  • We are holding two workshops at ACM Multimedia 2023 on Aerial-view Imaging [Call for papers] and Deep Multimodal Learning [Call for papers] (EI-indexed).
  • Two papers to appear at CVPR 2023.
  • One paper on Adversarial Retrieval Attacking is accepted by IJCV 2022. [link]
  • One paper on 3D Human Re-id is accepted by TNNLS 2022. [link]
  • One AdaBoost Domain Adaptation paper is accepted by TIP 2022. [link]
  • One Drone-based Geolocalization paper is accepted by TIP 2022. [link]
  • One Nerf paper to appear at CVPR 2022. [link]
  • We are holding the special session at ICME 2022 on Beyond Accuracy: Responsible, Responsive, and Robust Multimedia Retrieval. [Call for papers]
  • My Ph.D. thesis was on the Chancellor's List.
  • I was awarded 2021 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Outstanding Young Author Award. Thanks a lot for supports and understanding from my supervisors and friends. [link]
  • One paper on Uncertainty is accepted by IJCV 2021. [PDF] [code]
  • We have released a new Drone-view Geo-localization Dataset, ACM Multimedia 2020. [PDF] [Dataset] [Video] [Slide]
  • People live in a 3D world. Why not conduct representation learning in the 3D space? [arXiv] [code]
  • We have achieved the 1st place in AICity Challenge Vehicle Re-id Track, CVPR 2020. [code]
  • Two papers to appear at IJCAI 2020. [PDF1][code1][PDF2] [code2]
  • One paper to appear at CVPR 2019 as oral presentation. [PDF][3-min video] [code]


  • Shanghai is my hometown, and it is a lovely place to have a sightseeing tour.
  • I was a poster maker when I studied at Fudan University. You may check out my posters.
  • I sometimes write Chinese blogs and share insights at Zhihu.

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